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Monday, September 13, 2010

Home Tomorrow!!

I received the excellent news that I will be going home tomorrow!!

Today my doc switched me from the liquid diet to the low fiber-low residual diet...so we'll see how that goes!  As long as I tolerate the solid food, I'll be outta here!

My labs have been stable the past couple of days, my blood count has stabilized, my protein levels are back to normal (protein was pretty much non-existent in my body when I arrived), and I seem to be nourished enough to be able to go home!  I've had a few visits from the nutritionist and will pretty much be on the low fiber-low residual diet for the next couple of weeks before introducing more exotic foods into my diet.

I do have to say that the all liquid diet wasn't so bad.  This hospital has an amazing menu (everything is ordered a la carte, which totally rocks).  So, I had all the variety of broths, jellos, non-sweetened apple juice, and gummy bears (YES, gummy bears are part of a liquid diet) that I could have, whenever I wanted it!  

I was also switched from IV steroids (Solu-Medrol) to oral steroids (Prednisone) yesterday.  I'm still on Total Parental Nutrition (TPN)  and still have my PICC line in, but all that should be changing tomorrow!  Hopefully I'll be able to leave tomorrow evening, once I've been properly tapered off of the TPN and my PICC line has been removed.  I'll keep you posted!!

The below picture shows how the PICC line and TPN work together (the PICC line has been the best thing ever, considering I haven't been pricked with a needle since getting the PICC line put in on Tuesday evening)!!

I also just ate my first solid meal!  It consisted of sour dough bread, turkey breast (I was shocked that it was REAL turkey, like, Thanksgiving turkey slices), low-fat mayo and swiss cheese.  I also ate a scoop of mashed potatoes w/ a little bit of poultry gravy and a few scoops of white rice.  It tasted absolutely amazing!

Unveiling my first solid meal!!  Yum!!
Anyway, I'll definitely let you all know when I'm home!!  Again, thank you ALL for your kind words, support and encouragement!  It has helped Matt and I more than you'll ever know!!

Below are random pics of my hospital stay...

TPN and the huge triple pump giving me my nutrition!

TPN up close...the white bag is my fats, the yellow is all my nutrients/electrolytes/etc, and the clear is my fluids

Day view of downtown Seattle from my first room

Night view of downtown Seattle from my first room

Mt Rainier view from my second room

Busting free on Sunday afternoon to get some sun!!  I almost got stuck in the rotating door!!


Rooster said...

Great news. Hope you`re doing better!

Amber's Notebook said...

Hi Emma! I learned about your blog from Jhonna, she sent me to your blog to read your story. I have Crhons and she told me you shared your health issues on your blog.

I had a PICC line this summer, good luck! Feel better soon and I hope you feel better soon.