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-Randy Pausch

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Food 101

I've received tons of questions regarding my dietary restrictions, what I eat on a daily basis, etc etc.

Next week (starting Monday) I will post my daily meals for all to see!  If wheatgrass, goats milk, and a carrot/beet/ginger/celery/onion juiced veggie drink sounds good to you then check back next week!

I'm also introducing the "Are you Serious?" series to my blog.  Basically I'll be calling out ridiculousness as I see/hear it...

Check back soon...  =)

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Zig said...

Hey! I am also a cyclist with Crohn's, and enjoy reading your blog. I've been struggling HARD to find a treatment that works...Remicade, Humira, etc etc have been worthless. I know your past stuggles and current fears all too well. It probably doesn't help that I refuse to stop racing and training like a healthy person :) Anyway, recently I have been getting better and wanted to pass on what I've been doing. Not sure which is helping...but something is. I started a new drug (Cimzia)...but on top of that I'm trying acupunture (really cool), eliminated dairy from my diet, and started taking the athlete recovery supplement pack from Pure Core Nutrition. The vitamin pack is actually really good for people with digestive issues. It has multi-vitamins, omega 3, digestive enzymes, etc. Anyway, hopefully this (unsolicited) advice helps too!