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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Alive and Kickin...

The pic above was taken from the "kiddy" room in my ENT's office the day I learned I was going to have surgery.  For some reason, they always put me in the "kiddy" room.  I know I look young, but not that young.  I'm an adult people!  Anyway, there are fish hanging from the ceiling all over the room, so I thought I'd strike a pose while waiting for the doc.

I am happy to announce that the surgery went very well on Monday morning.  I was a little nervous, but was glad that the tonsils were coming out.  They have seriously been unbearable the past two years.  I was a little comedian ("It's been nice knowing you Clarice...") and in good spirits while the nurses were getting me ready for the procedure, but got a little freaked when they rolled me back to the OR and started strapping my arms and waste down to the table.  I starting shaking and was definitely freaked, but didn't have long to think about it as the general anesthesia kicked in as soon as I started inhaling the little mask thingy.

I have been recovering very well from the surgery.  The pain is not nearly as bad as I was expecting.  I had heard horror stories about adults getting their tonsils out ( and yes it is a million times more painful to get your tonsils out as an adult).  I was expecting my throat to feel like glass particles had been embedded in my throat or something.  Obviously I have pain and my throat gets really sore, but it's not unbearable.  The Percocet definitely controls the pain but leaves me high as a freakin kite.  I hope to be off of the stuff by next week, I really don't like the way it makes me feel.  I can't see how peeps can get addicted to that stuff, yuck! I'm lucky my ENT is such a great surgeon.  If he wasn't, I'm sure the pain would be awful.

Anyway, I've had about enough of the "Lifestyles of the Lazy and Fatabulous."  I've been laid up on the couch since Monday afternoon and am going nuts laying around so much.  I think I've watched more TV this week than I have the entire year.  Oh well, at least my 'rents get every movie channel known to man and Brad has more movies than freakin Blockbuster.  

Much thanx to Clarice, Seester, and Brad for taking such great care of me.  If it wasn't for you guys keeping me in check and waking me up to get my meds I'd be in a world of hurt.  Y'all rock!   

 I decided to break out of the house today so my bro took me to Whole Foods to get more Rice and Soy ice cream and popsicles.  I can't eat cow ice cream thanx to the Crohn's and have found that rice and soy ice cream are great alternatives.  There are many pros to this healthier alternatives anyway.  Much less fat, sugar, calories, and preservatives.  Y'all should try it out.  I never would have tried them had I not gotten a tonsillectomy, but am now totally hooked.  In case you're wondering, they don't make goats milk ice cream, and if they did, I'm not sure if I'd eat it.  It took me a little while to get used to goat milk and goat milk yogurt, so goat ice cream wouldn't exactly be an option.  Getting out of the house was great, but took everything out of me.  I guess I really do need to just rest and stay put for the next week.  I want to hurry up and heal up, so it's a done deal.

I see my ENT a week from Monday and hope that I'll be good as new by then.  Like I said, the pain is not nearly as bad as I thought, and the tonsillectomy was definitely worth it (not like I had a choice anyway).  I appear to be healing normally, so we'll see how it goes.

Last and certainly not least I wanna wish my Grammy Girl a Happy Bday on Sunday!  Love ya Grams!!!



You're welcome SEESTER!!! Anything for you!! It's our pleasure to take care of you!!

Love, Seester and Brad

Grammy said...

Hi my Baby Girl....Thank you for your Birthday wishes, it was very good thank God...I am happy to hear that you are doing better... DIOS QUIERE A SUS HIJOS...see you soon...Lots of Love..grammy