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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cycling Frenzy!!

I raced for the first time since my junior year in college this weekend.  It was a 12 mile Time Trial, and it was a lot of fun!  I came in seventh (out of eight)...but hey, at least I wasn't last!  And considering all I've gone through the past few months...Anyway, I wasn't expecting much, I just wanted to get out there and ride!  The TriPower women seriously kicked some butt!  Our fearless Team Captain Laura came in first in the Women's Cat 1,2,3 race and super awesome BJ came in first in the Women 40+ category!  All I can say is that our women kick some major A$$ and I'm so glad to be part of such an awesome team!  Laura is my hero.  She is super fast and shows that hard work and serious training pays off.  She has beaten pro's for goodness sakes!  It's only a matter of time before a pro team comes knocking down her door...YOU GO GIRL! 

 It was Barb's first time trial, and she rocked!  Barb and I warmed up together and seriously just had a great time!  Not only is she a great friend, but she keeps me from getting too worked up over the "small stuff."  She also makes everything so much fun (remember, she made my colonoscopy fun...enough said)!

This is a pic of Barb and I warming up before our TT!

Barb and I would like to thank Matt for all of his mechanical expertise (thanx for getting our bikes ready)!!

All and all it was a great weekend and it's now time for me to buckle down and start training for my GYGIG ride.  And no, I haven't built my fundraising page yet (I will this week)!  

Lastly, I was surfing the net and found a blast from the past.  I found a pic of myself sprinting to the finish line at the Navy Crit WAY back in the day ('04).  That was the first race I ever won.  I remember calling my mom and telling her I won.  She sounded shocked, but then offered to buy my a pair of Ksyriums...which she did.  You Rock Mom =)  Actually, her and my dad supported my habit throughout my college career.  I am very fortunate, as my college bike was a Colnago Dream...not many peeps can say that!  You guys rock!  
Definitely a blast from the past!!


Anonymous said...


I LOVE that you are smiling in all of the pics during the TT! You rock! You are an inspiration to all of your Tripower teammates. We are so proud of you, and so happy you're on our team. Thanks for keeping me posted, and please let us know if you need anything.

Cap'n Cook

Paco Nieto said...

wow cuz i was so unaware of the situation, when i saw you in December I thought you were fine but geez, im glad your doing things you enjoy again and your fighting this illness, stay stong cuz i cant say i know but i can only imagine how hard it can be when those miserable days strike but just keep living life to its fullest and keep doing things you enjoy...aight well ima go now stay safe and say hi to Matt.
Love your cuz, Paco

Kristin said...


I found your blog after I listed Crohn's as one of my interests...

I am 32, and I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease when I was your age. I have been hospitalized twice (once for emergency surgery--at which time I was diagnosed and had a lot of my large and small intestines removed) and another time for a severe gastic bleed. I have also been on Remicade and Pentasa. I take Pentasa still and daily Imodium.

ANYWAY, the reason I wanted to reach out to you is to let you know that you WILL feel better! I struggled for a few years, but now I am very healthy and I just ran a half marathon. You don't sound like the kind of woman who plans on giving up on living life to the fullest anytime soon, but just in case--during those long, sick days--know that you will feel better again. And you will probably get to where you feel bad less and less.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I know how you feel, and I wish you all the crazy fun wild free joyous lovely moments you can handle because it sounds like you are due some!

Kristin in Tennessee

Anonymous said...

Sister, I'm happy to hear that the Remicade "Jerry Juice" is actually working. I'm looking forward to our cross-country journey here in the next three weeks, and it should be fun; and I'm actually looking forward to meeting your beast of a dog. . . maybe?
I would love to write more, but I have a paramed exam in about 12 minutes. Love you sister. Be good!